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Programmatic Video

Engage new customers by showing them video ads across premium publishers.

Video is an excellent medium for reaching users via desktops and mobile devices. Real-time bidding allows us to target users based on geography and online behavior.


  • Pre-roll Video Ads: These video ads appear immediately before free video content on publishers like, Forbes, ABC Family,, Local News Sites, and others.
  • Mid-roll Video Ads: These ads appear within the content of longer videos, such as complete television episodes.
  • Post-roll Video Ads: These ads appear at the end of a video.
  • Non-skippable Ads: These non-skippable ads are 15 seconds or less, ensuring that prospects complete the video before continuing to their free content.
  • Skippable Ads: Ads greater than 15 seconds are skippable after the first five seconds.
  • In-banner Video: These videos are converted to in-banner format and size to run in standard display ad spaces.
  • Targeting: Layer on KMG’s targeting tactics to reach the right user at the right time. With a large enough geo, we can target users with site, search, keyword, contextual, and category targeting.


  • Premium Inventory: Availability of programmatic video inventory is less than display inventory, accounting for only about 1% of all programmatic inventory. we work with SpotXchange, and AdX (DoubleClick) to ensure your videos are seen by prospects on premium publishers and top mobile apps.
  • Ad Placement: Video ads often appear center page and above the fold for the best viewability among programmatic advertising.
  • Transparent Reporting Metrics: Video ads come with complete transparent reporting that includes:
    • Number of impressions served
    • Number of clicks
    • Where the ads were served
    • Number of users who watched 25%, 50%, 75%
    • Number of users who completed the ad
    • Number of users who muted or unmuted
    • Number of users who paused or unpaused
    • Number of users who watched the ad in full screen
  • Global Distribution: We can serve video ads across the globe including the United States, English speaking countries, Latin America, and Europe.