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Tis the season…for political advertising campaigns. Keane Media Group is ready for them.

By: admin

As we get closer to the midterm elections, has announced enhancements to its best-in-class political capabilities. Political advertisers have the ability to onboard address lists from data providers or first-party databases with a 90%+ match rate, compared to the current industry average of 40-60%, and provides same-day uploading of lists directly into the platform. 

The 2019-2020 election cycle saw over $8.5 billion spent on political advertising, which was 108% more than the previous record. This sets the stage for the 2022 midterm election as well as many other efforts leading up to it such as primaries, fundraising, causes, etc., to set a record for political ad spending as well. 

In previous election cycles, political advertisers required a clearing house to gather an address list, a process that typically takes up to three to five days. With, these advertisers can reduce their turnaround time down to a single day with a consistent match rate of 90% or greater. This allows political advertisers to reach more of their targeted audiences with greatly reduced turnaround.

In addition to a 90% match rate and speed to upload address lists, offers a dedicated account service team that specializes in political campaign management with expedited response times and processes for political campaigns. The team’s agile and nimble structure accommodates accelerated speed and accuracy requirements. has relationships with the top political data providers including Aristotle, Data Trust, i360, L2, TargetSmart, and others. Political advertisers looking for speed and accuracy to execute their campaigns this year now have the ability to easily upload their address lists into the platform, and then activate address data across all device and creative types. Let us put these capabilities to work for your candidate this cycle. 

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