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ZTV is here and it is for you

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Programmatic targeting via streaming TV continues to get more affordable, and that is great news for TV advertisers. Whether you are a local or national marketer, OTT/CTV coverage continues to expand, and CPMs are coming down. The trends are all moving in the right direction for advertisers interested in taking advantage of connected TV opportunities:

  • CTV Advertising provides incremental reach when combined with linear TV
  • In 2022, nearly 92% of households in the U.S. were reachable by programmatic advertising (Satista)
  • By the end of this decade, experts expect that TV and CTV will claim $100 billion in ad spending. (eMarketer)
  • Estimates suggest that in 2023, adults in the U.S. will spend an average of two hours and 33 minutes watching TV each day. (Statista)

ZTV lets you take advantage of it all. Let’s break down what this means for both national and local advertisers. The Z stands for ZIP Codes, and we start with a proprietary weighted ranking system to identify relevant ZIP codes out of 33,000+ ZIPs in the US based on:

  • Demographics
  • Viewing Habits
  • Age, Gender and Household Income via U.S.
  • Census data
  • Indexing of how likely people in a specific ZIP code are to consumer linear TV vs. CTV content based on Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) data

For National Advertisers, what this means is that we have the ability to look at every ZIP Codes in the country not only based on demographic data, but on streaming versus linear TV viewing habits. As CTV continues to grow, and more and more people cut the cable cord, being able to reach these people becomes more and more important. ZTV offers a unique CTV advertising solution that brings together the worlds of linear TV and digital. Access CTV advertising to complement your linear TV efforts and increase household coverage. ZTV uses IP address instead of cookies or other identifiers, allowing advertisers to avoid elevated data costs. By targeting at the ZIP code level based on demographics and TV viewing data, you can easily reach relevant video streamers at a lower CPM than other CTV and linear TV options. ZTV unlocks the potential of CTV advertising and gives advertisers access to an audience of streaming TV viewers that would have been unreachable otherwise, ultimately maximizing relevance and reach. You get more precision and control than zoned cable and other linear TV advertising options. Fill in the gaps in your TV coverage, and do it with greater efficiency. 

For Local Advertisers, ZTV gives you the ability to run TV advertising when you may have thought you could never do it effectively. Localized advertisers who operate within trade zones – such as retailers, QSRs, and dealerships – can target specific ZIP codes within a designated distance around their location. ZTV offers more precision in order to reduce waste. Focus delivery on the most important ZIP codes rather than an entire DMA or cable zones at a much lower CPM. By using just ZIP targeting and not other targeting criteria, you can avoid the additional data costs that come with those criteria, and take advantage of the CPM savings. Yes, you can run effective TV campaigns!

Programmatic technology continues to evolve, and the opportunities continue to grow. Let’s talk about ZTV advertising and whether it is right for you. 

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